You Deserve These Results!

“You were warm, direct and engaging and your messages were universal, able to add quality to both personal and professional lives. I would recommend you enthusiastically and without reservation.”
– Carol West, President, Canadian Society of Customs Brokers

“He had a huge impact on our attendees’ state of mind and while we are just starting to looking at event feedback, so far it’s overwhelmingly positive about Kit. His stage presence and the power of his message meant no PowerPoint was required!”
– Kim Hamill, Credit Union Central of Alberta

“Your presentation to our annual meeting was exactly what we and the sponsor of the session were looking for. Comments from participants included ‘Best speaker we have had in three years’, ‘Entertaining way to present important information’ — you kept our delegates in their seats taking notes and laughing.” ”
– Patty Townsend, Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Seed Trade Association

“Over a 6-day period our managers attend several workshops and sessions. Your presentation scored the highest and comments included: ‘Excellent; Very Empowering; #1 — Best Ever; Enjoyed Tremendously’.”
– Sherry Hennessey, Training Manager, Arctic Co-operatives Limited

“Our agents were well entertained with your humorous anecdotes while receiving valuable tools they will be able to integrate into their daily routines. Your thought provoking presentation inspired and educated from start to finish.”
– Mike Nugent, Managing Director, DFH Real Estate Ltd.

“Kit was awesome. Speaking at our Employee Appreciation dinner he nailed it perfectly! Everyone was laughing, learning and enjoying the event.”
– Ted Rodych, General Manager, Medicine Hat Co-op

“Your style of presentation is truly unique. No PowerPoint, lots if humor and a style that confronts and engages your audience. Staff and customers are still recounting your 10 Steps To Success presentation.”
– Dennis Larson, Strategic Planning & Training, Refrigerative Supply

“Over the past several years I have had the opportunity to engage Kit in a number of speaking opportunities for a wide range of diverse audiences. In each and every instance, he has been exceptional with tremendous response from participants. His approach and message is always significant in nature and applicable to any organization’s vision, mission and work.”
– Manny Ferreirinha, Director of Organizational Learning, Rocky View Schools

“Kit’s session focused on understanding individual styles in how we approach work, to recognize this in others and to effectively work within these parameters. The staff identified this as being valuable to the work they do everyday.”
– Leanne Dekker, Vice-President Infection Prevention and Control, Alberta Health Services

“Kit not only motivated but entertained us. His overall rating of ‘Exceeded expectations’ was the highest rated agenda item of the week — thought provoking, informative and fun.”
– Ron McClenaghan, Secretary-Treasurer, Co-operative Managers’ Association

“I trust you are continuing to motivate the masses with your intellect, wit and talent. To say you were a ten out of ten does not give true recognition to the success of your presentation. You are truly a master of the microphone.”
– Hedy Senz, Group Account Director, Carlson Marketing Group.

“The comments we received were all along the lines of how pleased they were that you gave them practical ideas to take back to their store and how you presented these ideas in such an entertaining way. I guess that explains your evaluation score of 11 out of 10!”
– Karin Bossin, Shoppers Drug Mart

“Your presentations were awesome. Do you know how hard it is to do my usual work and then on top of things answer approximately 400 calls from franchisees, vendors and guests? Each and every call was to thank me for having you as our keynote speaker.”
– Tanja Hrgovic, General Manager, Subway Developments 2000 Inc.

“You appealed to a wide range of experience levels and everyone said you provided them with something they could use to run their business. You were informative and entertaining.”
– Edward W. Dannels, Agency Field Executive, State Farm Insurance

“On this, your second visit to our company. both the pace of your presentation and your humorous approach resulted in our being a captivated audience from beginning to end. Your research and knowledge clearly demonstrated your professionalism and preparation for our group of hoteliers. Through your energetic, upbeat and humorous common sense approach your message is compelling and easy to absorb.”
– Christine Schneider, Operations Coordinator, Lakeview Management Inc.

“Kit engages his audience immediately. His message is universal and accessible, laughter being the intoxicant that keeps everyone involved. With feedback ratings off the chart — as an event organizer — he will make you look very good.”
– Ken Budda, President, Cascade Optical Ltd.

“Your humorous approach in presenting the topics was the most penetrating we have witnessed. Your message was contagious as many of your comments were repeated throughout the conference.”
– Don Koenig, President, Humpty’s Restaurants International

“Mr. Grant’s expertise in this field provided the Marine Corps with a comprehensive customer service training program. He is a dynamic speaker and one who holds the attention of the group regardless of numbers. The feedback from the more than 100 trainers who attended his sessions was commendable and the instruction and materials were right on the mark.”
– David J. Turner, Head of Training & Development, Marine Corps Morale Welfare and Recreation, USMC