Who is Kit Grant Anyway?!

“The Director of Comfort Zone Infiltration™”

Kit Grant has delivered more than 3,200 keynote and training presentations in
33 countries on 5 continents. His dynamic style combined with humor has positively
influenced thousands of people to implement strategies that impact both personal
and professional success.

Kit specializes in “pushing people” outside their comfort zones to get the “even better
results” they deserve. Known by clients as “The Director of Comfort Zone Infiltration™”
Kit will be a positive catalyst for long-term growth and development in your organization.
His “Expand Your Comfort Zone” and “Taking Personal Responsibility” messages
will propel your people to even higher levels of accomplishment. Read more »

You can book Kit directly by calling 1-866-866-3603.
Just tell them you want to “Laugh and Learn with Kit Grant” at your next meeting.


Kit Grant will design and deliver training programs based on your requirements. He focuses on communication skills and personal responsibility...
Service must be part of who you are…not something you must do! Changing your service culture to one of commitment provides an advantage taking you far beyond your competition’s best efforts...
Read Kit's testimonials to hear what his clients are saying! For all inquiries regarding Kit’s speaking & training, please don't hesitate to
call 1-888-866-3603.

"I have witnessed dozens of speakers over the years and
they have been average to good to great. Kit Grant is
definitely in the 'great' category. He is extremely
entertaining and more importantly, extremely educational.
I would recommend him to any organization committed
to developing their leadership team."
- Troy Verboom, General Manager, Sherwood Co-op